About Me

Welcome to my portfolio. I am a graduate of the Design Art program at Concordia University. I have worked in the fields of graphic, interactive and exhibit design. I am an advanced user of Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, Flash and Flex. I am a skilled Actionscript 2 and 3 developer and am fluent in HTML, CSS and the Processing language. My goals for the near future are to master the Unity Platform for iPhone and improve my Javascript skills.

If you want to relate to me on a personal level or would like to engage me in small talk here are a few things about me that make great conversation starters. I am very tall, often this is the first remark I hear from people when I meet them. Following this is a question about my illustrious basketball career (it doesn’t exist). Things that inspire me include music, urban decay, data visualization, awkward dancing, pop culture references, blueberry pie and camping.

I think that should provide enough fodder for many a long conversation. If you would like to chat, swing over to my contact page or click the links below.